Pilates and You is the premier fully equipped classical Pilates studio in Palm Beach County.

Centrally located in Boynton Beach, Florida, Pilates and You is proud to bring authentic Pilates to you. At Pilates and You, we believe that everyone – regardless of age, fitness level, or physical limitations – can benefit from Pilates. What we don’t believe in is a “one size fits all” approach to fitness. We pride ourselves on offering private and small group sessions so that we can focus on you and your needs.

Each member of our team has completed a rigorous training program that required a minimum of 600 hours training/apprenticeship under the guidance of teachers who were within the lineage of Joseph Pilates himself. Each of our team members can craft a workout to help you reach your fitness goals and transform your life.

Our studio is fully equipped with Gratz Industries Pilates equipment—the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. Our Reformers, Tower Unites, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High (Electric) Chair, Baby Chair, Ladder Barrel and Pedi-Pole were all manufactured to the exacting specifications of Joseph Pilates. At Pilates and You, you’ll experience Pilates the way it should be. Come in today to feel the difference for yourself.

“Teach the body in front of you”

Romana Kryzanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates.